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Hardwood Beard Boar Brush

Hardwood Beard Boar Brush

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Our boar brush is the perfect tool for adding volume to your beard and distributing beard products evenly. The natural boar bristles are gentle on your skin and hair, and they help to massage the skin beneath your beard, preventing beard dandruff and residue.


  • Adds volume to your beard
  • Distributes beard products evenly
  • Gentle on your skin and hair
  • Massages the skin beneath your beard
  • Prevents beard dandruff and residue

How to use:

  1. Apply a beard balm, cream, or oil to your beard.
  2. Brush your beard in the direction of growth, starting at the roots and working your way to the tips.
  3. Use the brush to massage the skin beneath your beard.
  4. Brush your beard until it is styled to your liking.

Note: Brushes only last for so long. If you want a tool that lasts forever, look at our stainless combs.

Order your boar brush today and experience the difference!

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